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Trabucco surfcasting fishing reel

Surf Casting (American term, literally "Throwing on the wave") is a technique practiced in the Atlantic countries and introduced in Italy, at least to the general public, towards the end of the 1980s, thanks to some fishermen who did a very valuable job of adapting the U.S. techniques to the realities of the Mediterranean, experimenting with them on the coasts of Sardinia, which, even today, turn out to be the most suitable and therefore the most fruitful for this technique. In fact, the Atlantic techniques aim at catching the large predators that, in the high tide phase, approach the coast to hunt, attracted by the host of grubers that feed on the organisms that the movement of the waters release from the sand. Even for homegrown surf, the concepts remain roughly the same, only that the smaller excursion between low and high tide, does not create that sufficient eatery to attract either gruboliers or predators. It occurred that such conditions were recreated when the waves of the swells broke on the beach, disrupting the bottom and releasing small mollusks and crustaceans that attracted precisely the grufolators and consequently, also the predators. Thus, the first rule of Mediterranean surfing is that if there is no wave, there is no surf, although, in recent years, we are realizing that this rule finds exceptions and for some prey, such as Mormora, Bream, Seabream and Razza, catches occur even in calm seas. From this observation, a technique was born, although similar to Surf Casting, which differs substantially from it because it is practiced in calm or almost calm sea conditions, called "Beach Legering," which involves "lighter" equipment and philosophy than Surf Casting. Returning to the technique that is the subject of this article, it must be said that among all possible sea fisheries, Surf Casting shines in terms of sportsmanship and high frequency of capsizes! In fact, unlike other techniques, the result of a Surf Casting line is too closely tied to the "magic" moment to be within everyone's reach. First of all, the surf castman must pinpoint exactly when the sea is in the ideal conditions, that is, when the swell releases nourishment causing prey to rush in and thus be able to catch them. These conditions are not very frequent and can last for varying lengths of time, both day and night, in which Surf Casting can offer exciting catches.


With its complete anti-corrosion treatment and shielded bearings, it presents excellent credentials with respect to life at sea, its true vocation. But that's not enough: the new Maxxis Hyper Surf series offers much more, starting with the perfect volumetric ratio that contrasts the compact body with a generous spool, intended to handle the line with ease with its large diameter, tapered profile and thin top edge. Arranging the line coils with flawless precision is the job of the worm gear, which generates a slower-than-normal swing motion; the best prerequisite for fast and clean reel-out, in other words a perfect cast, is an equally smooth reel, and in this the Maxxis is no match for any other reel. The crank is shaped to bring its center of gravity closer to that of the reel, limiting wobble during retrieval. With all those features, the price of the Maxxis is the surprise of the year.


- X-Tra Tough graphite body and rotor
- Long Cast aluminum spool
- Additional Long Cast aluminum spool
- Traditional headband with Anti-Twist thread guide roller
- Infinite backstop
- Sealed stainless steel ball bearings

- Worm Shaft

- Aluminum crank handle with ergonomic knob





Recovery capacity

Spool capacity

Extra spool


035-15-080 8000 610 4.5:1(98cm) Ø0.35-220m. 1 3+1
035-15-100 10000 735 4.5:1(98cm) Ø0.40-220m 1 3+1


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