Squid Fishing

Here is a very special and suggestive fishing technique....

Suggestive because it is practiced in summer during the night hours in the middle of the sea and in absolute silence... It is a very simple technique, it can also be done with a simple hand line and a squid boat with a piece of lard attached, but it can also be practiced using very technological equipment, let's see now how....

First of all when to practice it: the best months are June July and August, some years the season gets longer and you fish until September, however generally the first squids are caught in early June and until the end of August the season and priopice, not all nights are optimal for fishing, in fact nights without moon, or at least with little crescent moon are preferred, on nights with a full moon, or at least well visible and bright in the sky will be very difficult to get our cephalopods to bite. In addition, the ideal is a light shore craft, which allows us to drift a little so as to patrol a greater surface area of sea.


You can fish in three different ways: with hand line, in this case we will have a line (diameter of the 100-120, so as not to cut our fingers) wrapped on a large cork, about 150 mt, to the end of which will be tied a squid boat, squid boats with space for one or more starlites (chemical lights) are preferable, the squid boats will have to be very strong, specific for squid, if they are too light and with thin needles surely after 1 or 2 fish we would have lost half the needles and they will be unusable. Before the squid boat you put a depth lamp (like the ones cxthat are used in deep sea fishing).

This is because squids are attracted very much to the light. With the rod: in this case we need a vertical jigging rod with a myulinello suitable for holding 200-300 mt. of multifiber, preferably we will use the multicolor one, so that we can always know at what depth we are fishing, also in this case we will use a lamp, and immediately below our squid boat. Finally we can use the electric reel, many turn their noses up, however the electric can help us a lot especially during the retrieve, which is often done from over 100 mt and must be continuous and without jerks.

The lures: basically in this fishery the squid is not attracted by the actual bait, but by the combination lights bait, squid, in fact at 50-60 and more meters depth at night surely our cephalopod will see our bait only after it has been attracted by the lights, so it is nmolto important to have a lot of lights near the squid boat (lamp and starlite), then once it sees the whole thing surely it will notice the bait which can be a fish (the best is the horse mackerel because it is shiny and reflective), or a big piece of white lard, both of them should be threaded on the squid boat rod and tied with an elastic thread. Until a few decades ago when starlites were rare and depth lamps nonexistent only lard was used, which being white could be seen a great deal even at depth, now with the aid of lights and lamps a nice whole fish is to be preferred, although lard is still often used successfully.

Now let's look at the fishing action: this is very simple, basically we let the squid boat go all the way to the bottom, at least at the beginning of the fishing when we do not yet know the depth at which the squids are, or by using colored multifiber we can lower our bait to the depth at which we have already caught a few fish. then we begin to retrieve by making a slow jig if we fish with a rod, raising the arm in case we fish by hand, when the squid bites we will feel a noticeable weighing down of our line, as if we had snagged a heavy rag, from now on we must not let go, the line must always be under tension and retrieved evenly, under penalty of the sure loss of the squid, in fact the squid boat has no purse seines and as soon as we "let go" a little he gets free, when he is on the surface we must not hesitate and with a single and decisive movement he must be brought aboard, where as soon as he arrives he will spray all the water he has in the tube surely in the fisherman's face!

This technique is definitely a lot of fun and profitable, in fact there are evenings in the middle of summer when dozens of squid are caught, often also very large (over a kg), moreover these cephalopods are delicious and if cooked properly they are really good. What's more, they are fished in the evening, generally going out around 9 p.m. and returning well after midnight (although actually all night until dawn is good), in the middle of summer when it's really hot on land in the middle of the sea in the dark you are enchanted.


  • Length 160 mm
  • Weight 210 grams
  • Battery No. 1 type "MN" 6 V
  • Intermittence ILEDM12W
  • Slide VP181455F
  • Crown 50 mm diameter (CP50)
  • Ballast Z170


LED flashing lights are available in white, blue or red colors. Please specify your choice in the space reserved for notes.


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